Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Curse Breakers: The Curse Keepers Book II

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We pick up pretty much where book one leaves off and it's basically non-stop action all the way through.

Ellie is mad at Collin, and you can hardly blame her after he lied and manipulated her in book one to get what he wanted. Add to that the fact that the spirits Collin wanted freed are now after Ellie, ready to kill her and take her life force, and her soul, well... the dude's not exactly her favorite person.

People have died, there's a cop who think Ellie knows more than she's saying, Okeus keeps sending her messages, she's out of a regular job, trying to help out her father's widow, and Collin keeps showing up just to do, well, whatever it is he's doing.

The village of Roanoke has reappeared after the events of book one and the little town of Manteo, NC has been inundated with archaeologists, and anthropologists, and sociologists and a bunch of other ists, all of whom need accommodations and some of whom are now staying at Ellie's family's B&B. Among the guests? A sexy British professor who happens to be an expert in the very things that Ellie needs to know to fix things. At least, as much as they can be fixed. 

The two team up, with Collin on the periphery and Ellie learns that there are many different kinds of love and that none of them work without trust. 

I actually did enjoy this book more than the first one. This isn't my usual genre to read, but I was intrigued by the premise and bolstered by the fact that I've enjoyed 99% of Swank's writing so far. As I also got this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review, which this totally is, just makes it better.

The story arcs all move along here and book three is set up for certain. Ellie finds some things she needs, and learns about other things she didn't know were out there. Collin learns that Ellie doesn't give up easily when the people she loves are at stake. David learns that there's nothing like a strong, determined red head to upset your well-ordered world.

The history and the Native American legends and pantheon here are thoroughly researched and Swank makes them sing with life. The whole thing, fictional though it is, is somehow believable. Yet, I still spent a lot of time laughing about how one would explain to a cop that a giant water snake ate... well, you'll see.

If you read The Curse Keepers, then you'll want to read the Curse Breakers. If you haven't read the first book go get it because it's definitely a good read. Frankly, if Heinz hired Swank to write their ketchup labels, I'd read them religiously. She's that good, and so is this story. 

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