Monday, March 27, 2017

Say I'm Yours: Corinne Michaels

The story is full of love and angst, as any good romance should be. The characters are fleshed out, the plot is believable, and the ending is satisfying.

How long is too long to wait for the love of your life to come to his senses? How much distance can you really put between yourself and your heartbreak in a small town? Does everyone always have to know your business? 

Trent Hennington can't commit, and he's kept Grace Rooney waiting for two decades. On again, off again, come and go, push and pull, this relationship has defined them both and Grace is ready for a change. Can she move on without Trent? Or will Trent finally man up and be the partner and man she needs him to be?

And Cooper! Cooper Townsend, best friend's brother and kind, open, honest, and very sexy; could Cooper be Grace's future? She'll need to be free of Trent to find out, but that's a little harder to accomplish than she'd expected. Especially when he keeps showing up and making things complicated.
Everyone from the first two books in this series is still here, and it feels a lot like visiting with friends. 

I will admit that the core conflict was resolved a little too easily for me, and there is a trope here (I won't specify which one) that is used in the first two books in this series and is repeated here. I found this to be conspicuous, though it was certainly a logical occurrence given the story. The rest of the book, though, was spot on.

Overall it's a good book and the Hennington brothers remain their hot, sexy, protective, romantic, funny selves; their wives and girlfriends are still smart and sassy, independent and, most importantly, good to one another. The moms are still meddling in their children's lives, working as domestic cupid's assistants.

I was really anticipating this book, because Say You'll Stay and Say You Want Me were so terrific, and Michaels is certainly in fine form here, as well. But to be honest, Say You Want Me is a really hard act to follow and a loved it an awful lot, and I originally gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 because of that. Still, this is a very good book, with a really good story, some great plot twists, and heavy doses of emotion, love, pain, friendship, fear, courage, humor, and reality. There's also a fantastic surprise in here that I never saw coming. Kudos to Corrine for that huge surprise; it's what caused me to put that fifth star up there.

I'm hoping that there is at least one more book in this series, because Cooper Townsend deserves to find love, too. [Since writing this review, I've found out that Michaels plans a novella for Coop. Yay!]
Overall, I want you to get this book and read it and enjoy it. Because Corinne Michaels writes a great love story.  

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