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The Wives, by Tarryn Fisher: We've found our new writer obsession, and it is Tarryn Fisher!

Hey!  We got our first ARC to review for you.  We're so excited!

The Wives, by new fave writer Tarryn Fisher isn't due out until this December (making it a fantastic gift for the bookworm in your life), but we wanted to review it now so you'd be looking forward to it.

We discovered Tarryn Fisher when her book Mud Vein was gifted to us by one of her devoted fans.  It's a hard book to read, full of feelings and heartbreak, but also hope, and we loved it. Then, we read Marrow, which isn't exactly the sequel, but it really is. Loved it, too. Next came F*ck Love, Atheists Who Kneel and Pray (not a religious book, btw), and then The Wives.

[NOTE: There are more books by this fantastic and highly original writer who proclaims "The Rise of the Villain" as a way to celebrate everything about ourselves, including the fact that we're not perfect and that there may be things driving us in our lives that others can't see. We're working on getting to those books, too, but have you seen our TBR?  OMG.]


I think this book is a good story and Tarryn Fisher is definitely a good writer. That said, I had a few issues with this book, despite the fact that I actually really liked it. I also found myself, after the first chapter, DYING to know what was going to happen! Seriously. I had to force myself to not skip the end and find out everything, and I'm glad I did because I'd have missed out on a fabulous story.

Image in you're the wife of a man who has two other wives. How long would you be willing to go without knowing who the other women are and what they're like? Could you accept that you alone are not enough and allow things to continue unchanged? What might you be willing to do to have all of your questions answered, and what if that led to the confirmation of your fears, too? 

I found the main female character to be difficult to like and relate to. I simply could not empathize with or relate to her in her relationship. Things happen that I can sympathize with, but by the end of the book, I really didn't like her any better. That's not a bar to enjoying the book and the story, though; a lot of characters are unlikable and that's often the point. I have disliked a lot of main characters but their stories are what matters, and this is actually what's at the heart of Fisher's Rise of the Villain philosophy.  A character doesn't have to be sweet and perfect to have a story to tell; a liar, an abused woman, a sick child, a thief, a killer, an adulterer, anyone you meet - they all have lives and stories, too.

My feelings on the other characters changed over the course of the book; more than once, I went from liking to hating to liking again. I think that's what was supposed to happen, though. Again, Fisher writes from the heart and the things that happen here are going to evoke feelings from you, which is going to affect your thoughts on the characters from one moment to the next.

Emotionally, this book has some punch, and might even trigger some people, but Fisher has always been a writer of emotion and of taking the road you least expect. Go with it, because even if you come away not loving the book, you'll still want to become one of her Passionate Little Nutcases

There are some aspects of the book that I found to defy reality or that seemed illogical to me, but those are likely not going to be a problem for everyone who reads it. It's also likely that those issues are "me" things. I tend to overthink an awful lot when I'm reading; it's a personal failing and it probably won't even happen to the majority of readers, so ignore this entire paragraph! :)

My biggest problem is that Fisher has used this particular premise before, and more than once. I don't want to give spoilers, but if you've read Fisher's other work, be prepared to get that deja vu feeling at various points in this book, particularly the climax and ending.  Again, this isn't bad, and the overall premise of the book is highly original, and the work is good, the writing stellar and unique and amazing and engrossing, and the book is satisfying over all.  I just felt that this was the last time I could accept this one particular premise.

Don't let any of this lead you to believe the book isn't worth your time because it absolutely is. It's heartfelt, it's original and emotional, it's definitely well-crafted as far as plot and execution, and you absolutely will not find another book like this anywhere, except perhaps in Fisher's back catalog. In fact, my opinions on this book may not be yours at all, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on what is a very good book that will take you places you never considered. Besides, reading a  Tarryn Fisher book is like taking a master class on writing, plotting, and eliciting emotion.

After you've read The Wives, you're almost certain to find yourself looking to read more of Tarryn Fisher's books. Bookish Bitch recommends all of them, but we think you should start with Mud Vein and Marrow.  Because they're awesome.

The Wives drops on December 30, 2019. I am giving this book Five Cups of Coffee (so you can stay up and read it all in one sitting!) and recommending it to everyone.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Falling for Mr. Slater is a Slam Dunk! Kendall Day does not disappoint!

It's been a while since we heard from our friend and author-idol, Kendall Grey, and now we know why: She was off in a hyperbariatric chamber, bathed in grow lights, becoming something new.  That something?  Is KENDALL DAY.  New pen name, new stories, new truths to be told. Seriously, the only difference you'll find in Kendall Day's writing and Kendall Grey's writing is a little less smut, or erotica as some folks prefer to call it. Falling for Mr. Slater is a romcom, first and foremost, with a little hot sex to make you sweat, and a lot of hard truths thrown in to make you think.

Mr. Jack Slater is an experienced teacher of gifted eighth graders. He teaches English to classes of motivated, over-achievers and is part of the "in" crowd at Bracken Middle School. After a summer spent with his best friend and fellow teacher Savage, banging beach bunnies and drinking themselves into a constant stupor in California, Slater learns that things are going to change. A new principal, a few budget cuts, and the loss of a couple of teachers changes everything and Slater is suddenly teaching science to a bunch of sixth graders who could not give a shit about anything the guy at the front of the room has to say. Slater's even less happy about his circumstances when he finds out that the first subject he'll be teaching that year is sex-ed. And that he's going to have a student teacher to supervise. Things really can't get any worse, can they?

Well . . .

The student teacher turns out to be Roxie-with-an-i-e Rambling.  The worst student Slater's ever had in a classroom, or in his life in general. She coined the name McSlutbag,  left him broken and damaged in more ways than one, and she did it all just for spite! Roxie is the last person Slater wants to spend the school year with, but he's really got no choic. And he needs the help, too. It's clearly not going to be a banner year, but Slater keeps his eyes on the prize despite all adversity: he intends to be Teacher of the Year this year.

Not surprisingly, Roxie remembers Jack Slater as "McSlutbag," and the worst teacher she ever encountered. She barely survived middle school and high school because of how he treated her, and she almost didn't go to college for the same reasons.  It took her years to get over McSlutbag's insults, derision, and discouragement, and she's not about to let him stop her again!

Obviously, sparks are going to fly between the hot, sexy teacher and the beautiful, tempting, basketball-star student. But questions remain, the biggest one being this:

Can you get over your past, learn new things, grow and change and fall in love, forgive and forget, survive in a sea of assholes, and succeed in ways you never thought possible, all by just listening,  paying attention, and hearing other people's ideas?

Read Falling for Mr. Slater when it's released. You won't be disappointed. Kendall Day is as good a writer as you'll ever find, and she's still got that sharp-edged, laser vision that hones in on the problem without making you feel like she's beating you with a hammer to make her point. She's still a master of the snort-laugh, and she's got descriptive skills like no one else; "...leaving Kuntz standing like the giant hemorrhoid he is in this rectum of a hallway." YASSSS!

Falling for Mr. Slater is great fun, full of heart and laughs and real feelings, all mixed in with some commentary on the education system that you need to read, and the kind of angsty back-and-forthing that makes a great romance story, the kind of crazy humor that will have you spitting your margarita all over your e-reader (so be careful), and the kind of fabulous writing and satisfying storytelling you can expect from Kendall Day.


Kendall Day’s FB author page:
FALLING FOR MR. SLATER retail links:
Important note: Amazon will go live May 23. NO AMAZON PRE-ORDER

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Say I'm Yours: Corinne Michaels

The story is full of love and angst, as any good romance should be. The characters are fleshed out, the plot is believable, and the ending is satisfying.

How long is too long to wait for the love of your life to come to his senses? How much distance can you really put between yourself and your heartbreak in a small town? Does everyone always have to know your business? 

Trent Hennington can't commit, and he's kept Grace Rooney waiting for two decades. On again, off again, come and go, push and pull, this relationship has defined them both and Grace is ready for a change. Can she move on without Trent? Or will Trent finally man up and be the partner and man she needs him to be?

And Cooper! Cooper Townsend, best friend's brother and kind, open, honest, and very sexy; could Cooper be Grace's future? She'll need to be free of Trent to find out, but that's a little harder to accomplish than she'd expected. Especially when he keeps showing up and making things complicated.
Everyone from the first two books in this series is still here, and it feels a lot like visiting with friends. 

I will admit that the core conflict was resolved a little too easily for me, and there is a trope here (I won't specify which one) that is used in the first two books in this series and is repeated here. I found this to be conspicuous, though it was certainly a logical occurrence given the story. The rest of the book, though, was spot on.

Overall it's a good book and the Hennington brothers remain their hot, sexy, protective, romantic, funny selves; their wives and girlfriends are still smart and sassy, independent and, most importantly, good to one another. The moms are still meddling in their children's lives, working as domestic cupid's assistants.

I was really anticipating this book, because Say You'll Stay and Say You Want Me were so terrific, and Michaels is certainly in fine form here, as well. But to be honest, Say You Want Me is a really hard act to follow and a loved it an awful lot, and I originally gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 because of that. Still, this is a very good book, with a really good story, some great plot twists, and heavy doses of emotion, love, pain, friendship, fear, courage, humor, and reality. There's also a fantastic surprise in here that I never saw coming. Kudos to Corrine for that huge surprise; it's what caused me to put that fifth star up there.

I'm hoping that there is at least one more book in this series, because Cooper Townsend deserves to find love, too. [Since writing this review, I've found out that Michaels plans a novella for Coop. Yay!]
Overall, I want you to get this book and read it and enjoy it. Because Corinne Michaels writes a great love story.  

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Featured Author: Heidi Joy Tretheway

Way back when, at a time when the Bookish Bitch was just emerging as a connoisseur of fine romance and sexy, steamy stories, we discovered Heidi Joy Tretheway and read her first book, Tattoo Thief. We were in love by the end of chapter one, and we're still going strong. We particularly love seeing her at author events; she gives great hugs!

One of the great things about Heidi, in addition to her sparkling personality and her generous nature (she's been known to spend an hour or more on the phone with an aspiring author or two, and has on more than one occasion gone out of her way to help a new writer get some attention), is that she continues to grow as a writer and to get better and better, and every book promises to be better than the last.  The fantastic thing about this is that her books were very, very good to begin with.

Heidi's Tattoo Thief series is the story of a bunch of rockers looking to make it big, verging on that breakthrough, and realizing that it's not all there is in life. They find love, and it complicates everything while making their lives so much better. From the tortured lead singer who runs away to find himself and ends up falling in love with the house sitter, to the man whore guitar player who finds satisfaction when he meets the right woman, to the cuckolded drummer who finds a truth and a love that combine to set him free, to the bass player who stands by the target of a revenge porn scandal, these stories are romantic, hot enough to melt your Kindle, and romantic as hell.  You owe it to yourself to give them a try; you won't be sorry. OOOH!  The best part?  A new installment of Tattoo Thief is due out this year!  We can't wait to read Skip a Beat.

Heidi Joy Tretheway is also the author of the Grace Colton stories. Grace, left widowed and childless in an episode of gun violence in Oregon, has become a member of congress, hoping to make change happen. She is approached to run for Vice President on an unlikely ticket, and along the way she discovers that life - and love - can change in an instant.  She discovers a few other things, too, and all of it makes for a great story. Two books of this trilogy are currently available, and while we don't know when book three is due, we're waiting with bated breath for it!

There are other books, too. We love A Handful of Gold, which takes your typical princess story and turns it on its ear. If your child needs to see a strong little heroine on a grand adventure, who is smart, kind, helpful, and victorious, this is the book to get. We love Audrey and we love this story.

What do classic fairy tales tell children? Too often, women are valued for their beauty, they must be rescued by princes, and a girl’s highest aspiration is to attract the eye of the prince. 
A Handful of Gold was inspired by classic fairy tales, but it reveals a fresh, spunky character who needs neither her beauty nor a prince to bravely battle bandits. Audrey is an unlikely heroine who is always willing to share, to help and to have an adventure. 

Remember when we mentioned Heidi's generosity? Well, how about this: Bookish Bitch is doing a giveaway on our Facebook page, and Heidi has donated a signed book (or maybe two) for that purpose.  And as we know, signed books are always better! For a chance to enter the giveaway, click her to go to the Bookish Bitch Facebook page and like, share, and tag on the appropriate post. It's that easy. 

Whether you win or not, check out Heidi's books. We've reviewed a few of them here, too. (Some were reviewed long ago and were lost in a revamp of the blog.  Sorry, Heidi.)


And on NOOK!

Other Reviews on Goodreads

Author pages and buy links:

We love and adore Heidi and her stories. She's talented, her heroines are strong, her heroes are sexy, and her romances are hot. The stories are meaningful and relevant, and the settings are real. You're gonna love Heidi's writing, and her take on life and love. Since the first one's free, what's stopping you from starting today?????

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Featured Author: Kendall Grey

Kendall Grey is incomparable as a writer. She writes for the sake of writing, going so far as to give away some of her work, just so people can read it. (More on that later.) And she writes well, whether her stories are about riotous rock stars or dystopian anti-heroes, or oversexed eco-warriors, or presidential candidates, her books and characters are amazing. She could write instructions for using toilet paper and make it great.

But beyond making you laugh, or snort-laugh, or swoon or groan or even get horny, Kendall Grey makes you think. Because behind the filthy language, the over-the-top sex, the libertines and rockers and repressed types, there is an intellect at work.  Every Kendall Grey book contains two stories: The one you read, and the deeper meaning behind it.

Yes, the language would make Lenny Bruce blush, and yes, the sexual situations are insane, and yes, the entire story is just nuts. But that's not the actual story. That's the frame for the picture of the real thing Grey is trying to show you. Because Kendall Grey is trying to change the world, one reader at a time. That, or she's trying to make us all engage in some pretty questionable activities. Could be both, I'm not sure about that, but if she is, I'm all in.

I cannot heap enough superlatives on this woman's work. She's brilliant, and, as so often happens, an artist of this magnitude is not always appreciated in her own time. The Bookish Bitch wants to change that.  So, here are links to some things. Her Facebook and Amazon author pages. Her Wattpad page and her website.  Which you really ought to do, by the way.

Oh, and remember the giving away free thing? Well, currently, she's serializing the latest in her insane Hard Rock Harlots series, BANG!, for free. On Wattpad. As in GRATIS! And it's fantastic, although I'd suggest reading Strings, Beats, Nocturnes, Love Notes, and Rock before starting Bang. Because it helps, and because you need these lunatics in your life. 

We've reviewed a few of Kendall's books here, and elsewhere, too.   

Strings    Beats     Nocturnes   Rock   Love Notes  

Ghosts   Ghosts (again) 

And we've pimped her before, as well. (Please note: The giveaway on that page is over.) 

On the up side? We're doing it again!!!!!! All you have to do is:

1. Like Bookish Bitch on Facebook 

2. On the post titled Giveway!!!, tell us if you've read a Kendall Grey book before 
     If you have, tell us which character you like best
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3. Like the post, and tag a friend who might like it, too

Somewhere around the 12th of February, a random commenter will be chosen to win a Kendall Grey book of their choosing.

Bookish Bitch LOVES Kendall Grey, and we're not ashamed to say it. Give the girl a chance to win your heart, too!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tears and Cheers Corinne Michaels' SAY YOU WANT ME! You're gonna love it!

I want you to know I am RUINED! I loved this book so much that I cannot start a new one yet. The book hangover is strong with this one. In a good way... no, wait. In a FANTASTIC way. Corinne Michaels killed it with this amazing story.

Angie and Wyatt are awesome. I don't want to give anything away, plot wise, so instead, I'll tell you that this book starts out with a shocker and there's lots of activity and romance and fun and sadness and tears and joy and love, love, love, love! Fast paced, except for the romance which... well, they're just not sure about that whole thing.

They have different lives, they live different places, and they need different things out of each other; can they find common ground and adapt to one another or is this thing doomed from the start?

If you read Say You'll Stay (and you totally should) then you know that Wyatt and Angie started out with a bang... literally. And you know that neither one of them is really the relationship type. And you know that Wyatt is a good guy but definitely a man-tramp. Angie is happy with her life as-is. How are they ever going to get together? Or will they? Will fate make them a happy couple or will their own misery keep them apart?

There's attraction so strong it can't be denied, but is that all it is? There's love, new and fragile, but can it survive a tragic loss? There's fear and pain so intense that suffering seems like the only option; can they get each other through it? There's hope for the future, but is that future the same for both of them? Can a man and a woman love one another enough that love is really the only thing that matters? Or is it possible that, sometimes, love just isn't enough to heal the wounds?

I cannot say enough good things about this book. Because... it made me cry, folks, and that hasn't happened since Angela's Ashes in the 80s! That's how good Corinne Michaels is. I am now a dyed-in-the-wool, card carrying Corinne Michaels fanatic! Say You'll Stay was good and I knew I wanted more of Michaels's kind of romance, but Say You Want Me was more than I could have hoped for. If this pattern continues, Say You're Mine (due out soon-ish) is going to slay me. And I can't wait!

If you are a fan of a strong, feisty, independent woman finding a strong, dedicated, loving man and of watching what happens when their worlds collide and the universe pushes them together, then this is the book for you. If you like sweet romance, true love, commitment, surprises, gut-wrenching tear-jerkers, and a great love story, this is the book for you. If you like hot guys who have hot brothers and who all need to find love, if you like meddling old ladies and loyal friends and a good cup cake, this is the book for you. If you like books, this is the book for you!

Let me warn you that there is a very emotional situation in this book, and if you are one who cries easily, you might want to buy a box of tissue when you pick up this book. It's totally worth it, though. Really.

Read it. Enjoy it. Read Say You'll Stay first, if you haven't already, because really, it's a great series and it's always fun to start at the beginning.

Seriously. Fab book. You'll love it.
Click the pic to buy the book!

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Say You'll Stay by Corinne Michaels

This book was the first by Corinne Michaels that I've read, but it won't be the last! This is an amazing story, told amazingly well.

Presley comes home from work to find her almost perfect life isn't so perfect anymore. She loses everything. WARNING: It's been a long time since a book made me cry. Angela's Ashes, I think it was, in the late 90s. So when I say that Say You'll Stay made me tear up and get all sniffly, know that this is some serious heart wrenching going on. Have the tissues handy.

Returning to her home town, Presley is humiliated, depressed, and having a really hard time coming to terms with her new reality. Living with her parents, sleeping in her teen-age bedroom (complete withe posters!), and raising her kids in an environment that is totally foreign to them, while trying to straighten out the mess of her recent past is just too much; at least she doesn't have to deal with her former boyfriend. The one she'd loved from the time she was a girl, who'd left her and gone on with his life. It's a little easier to know he's no longer living in the small Tennessee town she's returned to, so she won't be running into the guy who destroyed her world 17 years ago.

Or not. Because he's there. And IT'S still there, too. The attraction, the fire, the passion. The love. Zach is just as handsome, just as sweet as she remembers, but now he's living in town and dating the school bitch, who hasn't changed at all. It'd be so much easier for Presley to avoid Zach at all costs and go on with her life, but fate - and Presley's and Zach's brothers - aren't having any of that. Good thing, because what kind of romance novel would it be if all they did was avoid each other for 310 pages?

This story will make you cry at the outset, then fill you with hope. There are laugh out loud moments, too. There's joy and hope, heartache and fear, romance and arguments, a meddling family (and town), a bar, nearly a bar fight, a bunch of horses, a misunderstanding, and a parade.

The ultimate questions are these: How do you take a life that has been burned to ash and turn it into a life worth living? How do you take love betrayed and make it back into a love forever? How can a woman who's lost everything, who has nothing, and who is afraid that heartache awaits no matter what action she takes, become the strong, confident, and powerful woman she needs to be? And can she do all that while raising her sons and falling in love with her roots, and her ex, again?

Get this book. Read this book. LOVE this book. Because a strong, satisfying, romantic story about a strong woman overcoming tragedy is always a good thing but this one gets the blue ribbon.

Buy Links:

                 Barnes & Noble
                 Google Books

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Creighton Karas is on sale!!!! Meghan March's Dirty Billionaire, 99 cents

Warning: If you can't handle an over-the-top alpha with a mouth filthy enough to make a veteran smut-lover blush... This one isn't for you.
But if you want a different twist on your billionaire trilogies, grab DIRTY BILLIONAIRE for only 99 pennies and start your binge-read today!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gotta Love It! - Beneath These Lies by Meghan March

Who loves a hot, sexy, commanding, powerful, romantic alpha male or three?  Who wants to be an independent, intelligent, strong, beautiful, multiply orgasmic heroine? Who loves finding adventure, excitement, suspense, danger, twists, romance, and surprises in their books? My answer to all of these is, ME!!!!!  I'm hoping you feel the same.

There's so much I want to say about this book. So freaking much!  But I can't. I promised I wouldn't.  Because Meghan March knows when she's outdone herself and this book is definitely the next step up for her. She wants you to go in cold, just like I did, so the full effect of this story begins with the first line.  Trust me on this; not knowing what to expect is just going to make this book better for you. I swear. There are a few things I can tell you though.

You get it all with Meghan March's 5th outing in the Beneath Series. Hot, gorgeous, tattooed men, beautiful, sexy women, steamy hot love scenes, and underneath it all, a yearning for the kind of love that sets your soul and your body on fire. It's all here. And you're gonna love every word of it.

We aren't giving you any hints here, folks. No character names, no plot lines, nothing. Why?  Because I received an advance copy of this novel for an honest review and I was so impressed, and so happy with the whole story; I want you to be as surprised as I was when you finally read the last words.

I will tell you this, though.  Beneath These Lies is proof that Meghan March gets a little better every time she sits down to write.  Considering how good she was to begin with, that's high praise.

The writing is outstanding and the characterizations are great. You will buy into this, hook, line, and sinker.  I promise. And no, no one goes fishing, so that's not a hint.

Here's a hint:  If you like good writing, good romance, lots of the unexpected, plenty of action, and alphas, alphas, alphas.... get this book. Don't go skimming, or skipping around in it.  Don't go reading the last few pages, and definitely don't spoil anyone else when you give this piece of reading heaven the five-star review it so richly deserves!

As always, click on the picture to buy it on Amazon.

Monday, February 8, 2016

GHOSTS is now available in paperback and ebook!!! GHOSTS by Kendall Grey!

Under the blazing cover of a post-nuclear, technology-crippled world, Sarah Coolidge is an expert at being neither seen nor heard.
She was an afterthought to her abusive parents.
She’s invisible to the criminals she works with.
And she’ll soon be the death-dealing ghost her enemies never see coming—if she can just shake loose the one person who does see her.
The one who could ruin her.
The one who gives her a reason to live.

I have been harping and nagging at you about this story. This amazing, incredible, surprising, outstanding story that, up until today, as totally free at Kendall Grey's website. It's a fucking masterpiece, written by a goddamned genius.  I swear it. But, you can't get it for free anymore.

Starting this week, the only way to take this unbelievable and totally relevant-to-your-life journey is to buy the book.  It will be available in paperback and e-book formats.  Not free, but worth the price. In fact, it's worth it at ten times the price. Trust me on this. You are going to be amazed at this story, and at Kendall Grey's masterful execution of a tale full of love and fear, pain and redemption, good and evil, truth and deception, unearned kindness and undeserved cruelty, and ultimately of finding the heart of your life and becoming whole. It's about writing your own story, no matter where you are in your life, and not giving in to propaganda and the ramblings of madmen.

The book is called GHOSTS, and it's really, really, really good.  Great. Fantastic.  I cannot heap enough superlatives on this book to really convey to you how utterly intense and rewarding this book was for me. As I read each installment, I went further down Grey's rabbit hole, lined though it was with nuclear weapons, medical experiments, and secret agendas. I waited eagerly for each new work day so I could start my mornings with coffee and post-apocalyptic, dystopian adventures.

Parts of this book are FUCKING BRILLIANT!  You will read words and phrases here that will make you stop, take a breath, and really rethink things before you move on.  Because this story, despite the fact that it takes place in a decidedly dark and dangerous future, is the story of everyone.  Each of us has lived in hopelessness at least once, experienced misery and misfortune, sought answers, found love and connection, then lost it. It's a true story, despite the fact that it's a work of immense fiction. This story, and its truth, will haunt you.

Use the buy links and get the damned book.  I am going to really be on you about this! The story is so fresh yet so recognizable. The characters are real, the plot is engrossing, and the writing is beyond stellar. Yes, it's dark.  Depressing at times. Thought provoking. It's also a fucking demonstration of a writing talent that is so woefully under-appreciated it's fucking criminal. This shit is the real deal.

Buy links are below.  Your mission? Go. Get. GHOSTS. You need to read this story and let it move you, let it scare you, let it turn the fucking lights on in your head, and let it, ultimately, amaze you.