Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Phoenix Candidate by Heidi Joy Tretheway

If you're looking for something new and different in the adult romance genre, this book is it. Full of strong women, powerful men, politics, subterfuge, deception, current issues, sexism, flowers, kayaking, hot sex, and a burgeoning love story; Grace Colton's story has a lot for you to enjoy. 

Having suffered the loss of her husband and her only child five years ago in a moment of horrific violence, Grace enters the world of politics to make change in the world. She's not a big name, and her state isn't one with a lot of clout or controversy, but Grace is determined to make America safer, better place.

A casual night out results in a one-night stand for Grace and a sexy stranger. What transpires from that point on is a wild political ride that will leave you wanting the rest of the story. I try not to give away plot in my reviews, but suffice it to say that Grace and Jared both need to learn that the past doesn't have to keep you from having a future, and that love may not always come along at the best time, but it always comes along at the right time. They also need to learn not to make out under street lamps!

The writing here is top-notch. Heidi Joy Tretheway is also the author of the Tattoo Thief romance series, which I've also reviewed, and every book she publishes is better than the last. All of her stories are well-plotted, believable, romantic, and realistic, and she's always written well, but she gets sharper and better with every outing. Her humor and her ability to amp up the intrigue are huge in making this story not just good, but interesting and absorbing. You really won't regret reading this.

Grace Colton is Tretheway's newest, best, strongest heroine. Jared Rankin is one of the sexiest, most complex men she's created. The political story is well thought out and researched, and Grace's backstory is true-to-life. Oh, and so is the smoking hot sex!

This is a serialized story right now, so there's more to come beyond this first installment. It's something to look forward to, because I think this is the beginning of a really great political story as well as a terrific love story. Which means you need to get this installment, and then you need to be ready to get all the rest of this story as it's released.

Click on the picture, above, to buy part 1.

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