Saturday, May 5, 2018

Falling for Mr. Slater is a Slam Dunk! Kendall Day does not disappoint!

It's been a while since we heard from our friend and author-idol, Kendall Grey, and now we know why: She was off in a hyperbariatric chamber, bathed in grow lights, becoming something new.  That something?  Is KENDALL DAY.  New pen name, new stories, new truths to be told. Seriously, the only difference you'll find in Kendall Day's writing and Kendall Grey's writing is a little less smut, or erotica as some folks prefer to call it. Falling for Mr. Slater is a romcom, first and foremost, with a little hot sex to make you sweat, and a lot of hard truths thrown in to make you think.

Mr. Jack Slater is an experienced teacher of gifted eighth graders. He teaches English to classes of motivated, over-achievers and is part of the "in" crowd at Bracken Middle School. After a summer spent with his best friend and fellow teacher Savage, banging beach bunnies and drinking themselves into a constant stupor in California, Slater learns that things are going to change. A new principal, a few budget cuts, and the loss of a couple of teachers changes everything and Slater is suddenly teaching science to a bunch of sixth graders who could not give a shit about anything the guy at the front of the room has to say. Slater's even less happy about his circumstances when he finds out that the first subject he'll be teaching that year is sex-ed. And that he's going to have a student teacher to supervise. Things really can't get any worse, can they?

Well . . .

The student teacher turns out to be Roxie-with-an-i-e Rambling.  The worst student Slater's ever had in a classroom, or in his life in general. She coined the name McSlutbag,  left him broken and damaged in more ways than one, and she did it all just for spite! Roxie is the last person Slater wants to spend the school year with, but he's really got no choic. And he needs the help, too. It's clearly not going to be a banner year, but Slater keeps his eyes on the prize despite all adversity: he intends to be Teacher of the Year this year.

Not surprisingly, Roxie remembers Jack Slater as "McSlutbag," and the worst teacher she ever encountered. She barely survived middle school and high school because of how he treated her, and she almost didn't go to college for the same reasons.  It took her years to get over McSlutbag's insults, derision, and discouragement, and she's not about to let him stop her again!

Obviously, sparks are going to fly between the hot, sexy teacher and the beautiful, tempting, basketball-star student. But questions remain, the biggest one being this:

Can you get over your past, learn new things, grow and change and fall in love, forgive and forget, survive in a sea of assholes, and succeed in ways you never thought possible, all by just listening,  paying attention, and hearing other people's ideas?

Read Falling for Mr. Slater when it's released. You won't be disappointed. Kendall Day is as good a writer as you'll ever find, and she's still got that sharp-edged, laser vision that hones in on the problem without making you feel like she's beating you with a hammer to make her point. She's still a master of the snort-laugh, and she's got descriptive skills like no one else; "...leaving Kuntz standing like the giant hemorrhoid he is in this rectum of a hallway." YASSSS!

Falling for Mr. Slater is great fun, full of heart and laughs and real feelings, all mixed in with some commentary on the education system that you need to read, and the kind of angsty back-and-forthing that makes a great romance story, the kind of crazy humor that will have you spitting your margarita all over your e-reader (so be careful), and the kind of fabulous writing and satisfying storytelling you can expect from Kendall Day.


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