Monday, February 6, 2017

Featured Author: Kendall Grey

Kendall Grey is incomparable as a writer. She writes for the sake of writing, going so far as to give away some of her work, just so people can read it. (More on that later.) And she writes well, whether her stories are about riotous rock stars or dystopian anti-heroes, or oversexed eco-warriors, or presidential candidates, her books and characters are amazing. She could write instructions for using toilet paper and make it great.

But beyond making you laugh, or snort-laugh, or swoon or groan or even get horny, Kendall Grey makes you think. Because behind the filthy language, the over-the-top sex, the libertines and rockers and repressed types, there is an intellect at work.  Every Kendall Grey book contains two stories: The one you read, and the deeper meaning behind it.

Yes, the language would make Lenny Bruce blush, and yes, the sexual situations are insane, and yes, the entire story is just nuts. But that's not the actual story. That's the frame for the picture of the real thing Grey is trying to show you. Because Kendall Grey is trying to change the world, one reader at a time. That, or she's trying to make us all engage in some pretty questionable activities. Could be both, I'm not sure about that, but if she is, I'm all in.

I cannot heap enough superlatives on this woman's work. She's brilliant, and, as so often happens, an artist of this magnitude is not always appreciated in her own time. The Bookish Bitch wants to change that.  So, here are links to some things. Her Facebook and Amazon author pages. Her Wattpad page and her website.  Which you really ought to do, by the way.

Oh, and remember the giving away free thing? Well, currently, she's serializing the latest in her insane Hard Rock Harlots series, BANG!, for free. On Wattpad. As in GRATIS! And it's fantastic, although I'd suggest reading Strings, Beats, Nocturnes, Love Notes, and Rock before starting Bang. Because it helps, and because you need these lunatics in your life. 

We've reviewed a few of Kendall's books here, and elsewhere, too.   

Strings    Beats     Nocturnes   Rock   Love Notes  

Ghosts   Ghosts (again) 

And we've pimped her before, as well. (Please note: The giveaway on that page is over.) 

On the up side? We're doing it again!!!!!! All you have to do is:

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2. On the post titled Giveway!!!, tell us if you've read a Kendall Grey book before 
     If you have, tell us which character you like best
     If you haven't, tell us which one you'd like to read
3. Like the post, and tag a friend who might like it, too

Somewhere around the 12th of February, a random commenter will be chosen to win a Kendall Grey book of their choosing.

Bookish Bitch LOVES Kendall Grey, and we're not ashamed to say it. Give the girl a chance to win your heart, too!

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  1. One of the most deserving authors I know, and love. THANKS for featuring Kendall, she definitely deserves it.