Monday, April 21, 2014

The Curse Keepers - Denise Grover Swank.

Yes, I'm a huge DGS fan.  We know this.  But really, now, young adults with problems and secrets and lives ahead of them, out to save the world from an old evil? What's not to like? This book has adventure, spirits, romance, demons, breakfast, family, tragedy, history, antiques, tattoos, pawn shops, a diner, birds, a pickup truck, and sex. Really, there's not much more you'd need to tell a great story.

As Curse Keepers, Collin and Ellie are out to save the world. The romance is incidental to this, although it may (or may not) be that their supernatural work has a bearing on their emotions.

A sacred trust, handed down from generation to generation, has Ellie and Collin trying to protect the world from angry spirits and gods that will soon be let loose to wander the earth. They've been locked up a long time and aren't in a real good mood and intend to go around sucking the life force out of all living creatures before they begin to really wreak havoc. It's our heroes' jobs to prevent this.

Throw in some shady dealings on Collin's part, personal tragedy on Ellie's part, and enough dead birds to open a KFC franchise and you've got a really fun, interesting story with a little humor, a little insight into the human condition, and a little bit of romance.

Swank excels at creating realistic worlds where the people are three dimensional and the events are believable even when you know they're not real. There's not much more you can ask from a book.

The research Swank has done here is outstanding. The myths are explained for us, and the background work she has completed really makes the difference; instead of telling us a story with either a made-up mythology or with just a cursory nod to the history of it, we get the whole thing.  These facts and stories and legends really bring the curse to life and make the history seem alive.

Read The Curse Keepers. Be sure to buy The Curse Breakers next.  And send Denise Grover Swank some fan mail; she totally deserves it.

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