Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have you read any of these?

I've been a little busy and have gotten a bit behind on my summer reading.  I have many books to review, but no time right now.  Not to give the kind of attention I want to. So, I'm posting this list.  You should check out the books on it and let me know what you thought of them.  Maybe write a review in the comments.  These are books I've finished, or am starting on, and that I feel good recommending to you.  Enjoy them, and let me know your opinion on them.

1. Hot Blooded, by Kendall Grey  Grey is always outrageous yet relateable, and she always takes you on a ride you won't soon forget.  Book one in the Ohana series (ohana means family in Hawaiian) will take you an a typically Grey-esque adventure. If you've ever read Grey's Hard Rock Harlots series, you know how wild this is going to be!

2. The Call series by Emma Hart   On sale, 99 cents for two books and a novella, the complete set.

3. Hudson, by Laurelin Paige     Free with Kindle Unlimited, but worth the price anyway.  Epilogue/supplement to the Fixed Trilogy, which was totally enjoyable.  TOTALLY, people!

4. Slade: Walk of Shame #1  By Victoria Ashley     Hot, sweaty, steamy, dirty, sexy fun!  I loved the whole thing, just because it was so ... whoa!  99 cents, folks!  Trust me, just the physical description of Slade will have you drooling.

5.Beauty and the Badge, by Inez Kelly.  Fun, cute, romantic, sexy... and he comes with his own handcuffs!  Oh, and only 99 cents!  What's not to love?

6. The Bastard, also by Inez Kelly.  This woman had a really unique idea, created a great mythology, and then scored with a fabulous, hot and sweet romance.  This is book one in the series The Baddest Boys in History, and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

7. Cover Me, by Carrie Elliott.  Very sweet.  Very involving, really. I enjoyed this story quite a bit.  The lead characters are just so darned adorable together!   Free with Kindle Unlimited, and not real hard on the wallet without it.

8. Frigid, by Jennifer Armentrout (writing as J. Lynn)  Best friends since childhood, snowed in at a ski resort, discovering their love for one another?  AWESOME!

9. Playing for Keeps, by R. L. Mathewson  Fun little series of sweet romances.  I enjoyed the silliness in here, for instance, a food obsession that just makes me laugh.  The stories are nice and the writing is good.  Can't ask for much more in a summer read, and there are FOUR of them to keep you happily reading for a while.

10.  The King, by J.R. Ward.  Continuing the Black Dagger Brotherhood along in the style and excitement we've come to love. The King also kind of brings us full circle in the story of Wrath and Beth. I mean, we've all got our favorite Brother, right?

Quick read:  Alex, by Shannon Mayer.  A brief novella, and free with Kindle Unlimited or 99 cents without, that gives you a new insight into the werewolf in the Rylee Adamson series.  Also, a small hint of things to come?

So, what are you reading this summer that I haven't?  Let me know and I'll check it out.

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