Sunday, December 6, 2015

A country singer walks into a bar ... Dirty Billionare, by Meghan March

Disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Here it is.
Do you like:
A rich, handsome, powerful man with a body to die for?
A smart, talented, strong woman who knows what's important to her?
Hot, sweaty, steamy, panty-melting sex scenes?
A little kink, a little alpha male?
A continuing story with lots of fun, romance, angst, and glitz?
Then get this book! Get it. I loved it.
Holly wants to be a country singer and she's entered into a deal that's supposed to help her get there. But the deal isn't working and she's coming out looking humiliated and sad, which isn't helping her career.
Creighton is a hot, sexy, uber-rich man who knows exactly what he wants. And right now, he wants Holly.
A Christmas Eve one night stand turns into a viral social media event and then into... who knows.
Creighton can't get enough of Holly, and Holly wants more and more of Creighton. The question, how much of each other can they take and still take care of their respective business? Can Creighton have Holly and remain emotionally unattached? Can Holly have Creighton and still climb to country stardom?
The plot is well developed, the characters are growing, and the sex is incendiary. What more do you need in the opening salvo of a romantic trilogy?
Bookish Bitch gives this book a 4 1/2-glasses-of-wine salute and recommends it highly! But then, we already know I love Meghan March, don't we!
The half a glass I didn't give? I have thing about cliffies. I knew it was a trilogy going in, and I knew there would be a cliff hanger, but it still leaves me a little . . . on edge. Still worth it, though. Click below to buy on Amazon.

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