Thursday, June 12, 2014

Emerald City Author Event - 6/14/14

This weekend, I shall be attending the Emerald City Author Event and meeting some of my favorite writers.

For an old lady like me, this is as exciting as the time I met the guitar player for Tesla and all of Jackyl, all rolled into one.

I will have pics and stories to tell next week, as well as a review of Sixth Grave on the Edge, by Darynda Jones (you're gonna LOVE this book!), and possibly some stuff to give away.  Maybe.  But mostly, PICS!!!!!!!  And possibly a hangover, but time will tell.

My point, folks, is that if you're in Seattle this weekend and you want to go, I actually have an extra ticket, so hit me up.  My other point: I will NOT be in Tri-Cities this weekend. That alone is reason to celebrate.

Check this spot next week for all the fun!

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